Back to School Means Shoes

Back to School Means ShoesNow that the days are getting cooler and the school bells have clanged their welcome, parents and their children will be performing the age-old ritual known as “Shopping for School Clothes”. The center of the event is the process of shoe selection. Children; feet allowed to run with abandon all summer, will soon be snared in socks and then summarily encased in stern leather. The importance of a good sturdy support shoe cannot be overlooked, for the continued health of your children’s feet.

Many Moms insist on the yearly shoe-buying trip. It never seems to matter if the shoes are too tight, or that the back of the left one rubs a blister on the heel. The only thing that matters is that a child’s growing feet has that support! The kind that only comes in patent leather.

Over the course of a summer of going without shoes, the feet may develop a sort of protective layer on the bottoms. They toughen, signaling that it is time to get out the lotions, creams and pumice stone. Children love going barefoot! Adults often dislike it as feet grow tender over the years.

This appears to be a common trait in children, the joy of going barefoot and the revulsion of shoe-wearing. A few common complaints that you may hear:

  • My socks are too tight.
  • My shoes are too tight.
  • I left my shoes on the bus.

Here is a fact that may surprise you: third-world developing countries do not have many of the foot issues that we find in the U.S. Take for example, athlete’s foot. Any and all locker rooms found in this country are familiar with foot fungus. In places where owning shoes is a rare event (due to poverty and circumstances), this type of chronic complaint cannot take hold. Fungi require a warm damp place to grow, such as a child’s shoe.

Even though your children may not enjoy wearing shoes, they will need to bend on this to accommodate all of the “old folks”.
Everyone knows “No shirt, no SHOES, no service.”
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